Our Amazing Journey

Yesterday we brought the team together for the AGM to review the year and to share what’s planned next. It was a pretty big event for us as for the past year we have re-engineered the business from the ground up, including our vision, strategy, mission, goals, core values, sales model and every element of business operations. I can’t think of anything that we havn’t looked at it, took apart and rebuilt it into something much, much better!

Quite staggeringly there has been absolutely no negative impact on existing sales performance as we re-built our business. We are already dramatically up on last year’s performance and are now seeing every key KPI across our business in a sharp upward trajectory as we move into 2017.

The AGM presentation comprised over 100 slides and covered long term plans, marketing, sales, finance, HR, technology and facilities. We explained just how tightly integrated these elements are, and the important role they play, as we expand reqiva into a national business in 2017, and prepare the business for international expansion in the coming years.

Probably most importantly we set out a new list of core company values and ‘Positivity’ is right at the top as we recognise that it’s our amazing people that make us so successful and we want to encourage everyone to eat, breathe, live and love the business. Being outcome-oriented is also really important as we need to ‘walk the talk’.

We’re looking for our hugely talented team, and new people that come to work with us, to help rapidly grow our business and have the most awesome careers with us. To make sure that this happens we have made some truly incredible changes across our core processes, policies and application of technology to encourage collaboration and innovation as we grow the business. Right now we are probably at the forefront of any industry in terms of how we treat, respect, reward and encourage our people to stay with us for whole life careers!

We have an amazing journey ahead of us, it’s going to be fast moving, it will create challenges but above all it has to be fun for everyone.

A very Happy Christmas to all of our team and new joiners and if you thought 2016 was incredible just wait till we start 2017!