Attracting and retaining transformational talent

Attracting and retaining transformational talent is the holy grail of growing a profitable and thriving business. Yet, it’s something that many, if not most businesses would admit that they struggle to do, or at best only achieve partially.

Why is it so difficult to attract transformational talent? And why do businesses struggle to retain the very best hires?

Indeed hosted an Explore Event, entitled Attracting and Retaining Transformational Talent, at the stunning Ned Hotel in London in September. Reqiva’s Co-Founder, Antony Redmond and Marketing Manager, Vicki Chown attended to find out more.

The keynote speaker on the day was Matt Burney, @SussexMatt, Senior Manager of Employer Insights and Data Strategist at Indeed.

During his presentation, Matt revealed many surprising statistics around the topic of attracting, finding and retaining the best talent.

He revealed, that in the UK, the five key attributes to look for when identifying the top talent are problem-solving skills, passion, strategic thinking, self-direction and drive. Perhaps surprisingly, the characteristics and key attributes of top talent does differ depending where you are in the world!

When discussing how the application process affects the number of candidates applying for roles, Matt revealed that an average job application takes 9.6 minutes. When considered in contrast to a best practice application process, like Netflix’s job application procedure, which takes just 40 seconds, you can see why some businesses would lose the best applicants.

Once you’ve found the best talent and wish to retain them within your business, Matt explained that you have to inspire. The top talent in any industry have options – you have to inspire them to want to stay. Challenging the best employees and giving them ownership of projects is more attractive to them than financial incentives alone.

And, when it comes to finding their next challenge, he revealed that 79 percent of top performers look at new jobs on a monthly basis! So seemingly, the very best hires do like to keep their options open.

The presentation and subsequent panel discussion not only resonated with us as a recruitment consultancy that strives to attract the very best talent for our client businesses, but also as an employer. Our quality commitment and true belief in our unique quality-driven and collaborative recruitment culture here at Reqiva means that attracting and retaining top performers is important to us.

If you’d like to find out more about Reqiva’s culture, vision and values, as well as our current opportunities, visit our careers page.