AI Tech drives demand for Computer Vision skills

Since 2013, the demand for Computer Vision engineers has steadily grown, according to Indeed data.

However to most people, even within the Tech space, Computer Vision is still a fairly uncommon term (and niche job market) especially within the UK.

According to Raj Mukherjee, Senior VP of Product at Indeed, ‘there’s a huge amount of growth that is going to happen in the future (in the self-driving vehicles market) that directly ties to the demand for computer vision engineers.’ (

So, what skills are in demand?

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New to Computer Vision – here’s a brief overview

Fundamentally, Computer Vision is the artificial recreation of the human ability to understand, interpret and interact with visual surroundings and images. For a detailed introduction into exactly what this means, read the informative article from TechCrunch ‘WTF is Computer Vision?

Despite it’s low profile, Computer Vision is already widely used in many applications that most people will have encountered daily, as well as broadly across hugely advanced and progressive technology.

The everyday application of Computer Vision can be found in image recognition technologies found in applications and features, such as Google Lens and SnapChat!

The power of Computer Vision extends far beyond image recognition for personal photos and images. For instance, image recognition is already being extensively used within the medical sector – 90 percent of medical data is image-based, and visual computer analysis can provide much more accurate analysis than humans, creating safer outcomes for patients (Bandt).

Beyond this, Computer Vision is proving crucial within the progression and advancement of AI-driven technologies, from Autonomous Vehicles, to Advanced Robotics and Drones and it is within these industries that we’ve seen a heavy growth in demand for the top talent.

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