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5 ways to attract the best tech talent

Information technology is the backbone of every business and with its rapid pace, businesses are needing to find innovative IT professionals to join their ranks.

Businesses in the technology and digital sectors, while typically innovative and forward-thinking, can find it challenging to source people with the right skill set and experience.

With so many companies on the look out for new tech talent, it’s a job applicants’ market. This means people will continue to job search until they find a company that offers exactly what they want.

Organisations that want to succeed in such a tough market need to know what tech professionals are looking for and how to offer it and secure the best talent in the market.

We know this is no easy feat so we have put together this guide to provide you with some new ideas and insight that will help you with this challenge.


1. Build out your brand 

To have a chance at attracting top tech talent, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Not only do people need to know who you are, but they need to start wanting to work for your company because od your strong employer brand.

A brilliant way to start building out your brand and building your presence in the market is by creating great content and sharing on social media so that talent starts to follow you.

Another way to build out your brand and attract interest with job seekers and technical professionals is by optimising your recruitment process by building out your company careers page and focusing on writing job specifications that stand apart from the rest.

By building out your brand you will start attracting more tech talent right to your doorstep.


2. Create growth and learning opportunities 

Internal progression and growth within an organisation can be an important means of attracting the attention of prospective job applicants.  

Informing potential hires about how their role will develop and progress will demonstrate your investment into your employees and their professional development.

Helping employees develop skills and achieve goals promotes a culture of lifelong learning. By encouraging employees to grow and develop their careers, you create an environment for boosting employee engagement and job satisfaction.


3. Write a clear job description 

Recruiting for top software engineers and developers has become difficult as roles are becoming more specialised.

One of the most common issues resulting in a lengthy hiring process is an unclear and uninformative job description. Knowing what you want is an essential factor in not only selecting the right software developer, but also helping your business succeed.

Consider having the team the new hire will work with, or better yet in a similar role, help you to develop the job description as they will have a better insight into what skills and experience is needed and the role itself.

As well as including your requirements, it is important to express the perks and benefits that come to working with you, whether it be an interesting career challenge, information about the environment, career progression and the team or what benefits the company provide to their employees.

By having an exciting job specification which offers an interesting opportunity coupled with an amazing environment and perks, you will catch the eye of top talent that want to be a part of your journey.


4. Streamline your interview process

Top technical talent is always in high demand. With this in mind, it is important that you move quickly and efficiently in order for you to secure the best candidates.

Companies that have four or five interview stages put themselves at a disadvantage to those with fewer stages. The longer your hiring process is, the more external factors you allow to get in the way e.g. the candidate applying to other roles or receiving offers from other companies.

Companies that also require candidates to complete lengthy at home assignments/technical tests are also at a disadvantage against those with shorter tasks that can be competed and submitted quickly. Candidates will often progress through to final stages with companies that have shorter processes and tests before beginning on lengthy assignments.

By streamlining your interview process, you will be able to attract and secure top talent.


5. Consider company culture 

Great company culture should be at the heart of any company that wants to succeed.

It is important to create a great working environment that offers not only challenging and innovative projects but also game changing benefits.

Company culture is important to employees because workers are more likely to enjoy their time in the workplace when they fit in with the company culture. This will also result in them wanting to work for the company for longer, creating good company retention.

By taking care of your employees you can create the positive drive necessary to engage people and power the business.

When potential job applicants see your environment and a thriving team enjoying working there this will attract them to join.

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