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How to write a Technology CV that stands out

At Reqiva, we spend a lot of our time reviewing CV’s and we are always happy to give advice on how to create one that stands out.

When writing a technical CV, it is important to find the line between showing off your technical expertise and bombarding the reviewer with too much detail.

Here are our top tips for writing a technical CV to give you a helping hand in your career journey.


Minimise acronyms and technical jargon

Your CV needs to work for non-technical audiences too. The first person that reads your CV may not have the technical knowledge and expertise that you do. The perfect CV needs to be understandable enough so that everyone reviewing it can see how you could fit into the position you are applying for.


Tailor your CV

It would be beneficial to cater your CV towards the type of job you are applying for. Read the job specification carefully and pinpoint the core technologies and skills they are looking for then use this to tailor your CV to demonstrate your relevant experience.


Show your technical skills

Dedicate a section to technical skills to really draw attention to your knowledge. If there is a lot to include, try to break it down into sections/categories so it is easy to read. To demonstrate how much technical experience you have, add the number of years’ experience or level of competency.

Alongside this section, you should outline one or two things that you specialise in, into your professional profile/opening summery to your CV to grab attention and add emphasis of your skills.


Always include courses and qualifications

It is always important to include details of a technical degree, no matter how long ago you completed it. It is also beneficial to show evidence of on-going learning and development. Include details of any relevant courses you have taken in the last 5-10 years whether its internal training or externally recognised qualifications. Alongside work acheievements you can include some personal achievements that will help show character and personality. 


Balance technical experience with additional key skills and competencies

While your technical expertise may need to be the main highlight of your CV, it is also important to include other skills and competencies that can help demonstrate your abilities and show how you could be a good fit for a prospective company.

When summarising your positions at your past companies it would be beneficial to show any additional skills you may have applied such as leadership, collaboration and contribution that may have made an impact on the business. This will help to demonstrate how you have added value to the business beyond the technical aspects of your role.



We hope that these tips will help you on your way to creating a great CV, however if you would like more personalised advise, all of our consultants should all be able to offer you free advice and guidance on what makes a good CV.

As well as this, ask one of our team to speak to our professional CV writing partner and we can put you in touch!

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